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Men’s Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation For Men

Are wrinkles and fine lines starting to make an appearance on your face? Don’t let them ruin your good looks. With laser procedures targeted for men, you can easily zap 10 years off your face – always pain free and with no side effects.

There is no reason to consider expensive and painful cosmetic surgery that will keep you off work and locked in your house for at least a week. The Mapleview Medical Centre is equipped with the latest technology to provide facial rejuvenation for men. We take great pride in our minimally invasive procedures that have virtually no side effects and require no downtime. Contact us and learn more about them from one of our professional cosmetologists.

When it comes to getting a facial, men are often hesitant, to say the least. There could be a few reasons for this.

They might believe it’s somehow “unmanly” to treat their skin with the care it deserves. Or maybe, it’s the fear of not knowing what goes on during a facial treatment that makes them nervous.

Either way, men are missing out on some significant skin benefits by not treating themselves to a regular facial. Here are three of the things you need to know:

  1. Taking better care of your skin isn’t unmanly. It’s necessary for healthy, clear-looking skin.
  2. Facials can help treat many common skin complaints in men, including oily or excessively dry skin.
  3. To extend the benefits of a facial beyond a couple of weeks, wash and moisturize your face daily.


Before applying anything to your face, an aesthetician should consult with you about your skin. They may ask you about your skin type, your existing skin care routine, the products you use and whether you have specific skin care concerns.

Be honest with them. This will help the aesthetician choose the ideal facial for your skin type to achieve the ideal outcomes for your skin.

Body Contouring For Men

Those looking for body contouring for men in Barrie, Ontario should look no further. Me & My Laser and Medi Spa is specialized in offering re-modelling procedures for men who want to look their best, but have no time for complicated diets and a lot of exercise.

Furthermore, diet and exercise don’t always help you reach the shape you want. When you lose a lot of weight, the skin becomes saggy and loses its elasticity. Body contouring helps you deal with saggy skin caused by weight loss or aging in a simple, pain-free manner. Contact us now and learn just how quickly we can get you in the shape you always dreamed of!

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